Q. Once I buy my cover, will you resell it?

Once I sell the cover, that is it. I will never sell it again.

Q. After I buy my cover, how do I get it?

As soon as you finish paying with PayPal and I got the details for your cover, I will deliver it via email.

Please note that turnaround times depend on which add-ons you chose, but I complete the final files within 2-5 business days. If you haven’t received it after this time, please email me at tracie [dot] hicks [at] mysticalnight [dot] media, and I’ll look into it. Be sure to check your spam folder first, though, as emails from me have been known to end up there.

RPG is for ebooks and audiobooks. CYMK is for your printed books.

Q. Are your book covers exclusive?

All book covers here are 100% exclusive and only sold once.

Note: I use stock photography, so I cannot guarantee that the image/s on your cover will not be used elsewhere.

Q. Once you sold a cover, do you remove it from the site?

I will remove the original cover. I will display the final cover in the portfolio section.

Q. Can I get a back and spine for my cover so I can use it in print?

If you select paperback when you order, you can.

Q. Can I use your files on all publishing platforms?

If it will meet the requirements for the publishing platform, then go for it.

Q. Why do the colors on my cover look different when it’s printed on a paperback or bookmark compared to my computer?

When comparing your book cover on a computer screen and print, you are not comparing the same thing. You will see the difference because what you see on the computer is not the same as the physical book. The reason the colors are illuminated from behind in RGB (that’s in red, blue, and green to create all the colors you see in the file). Some monitors are brighter than others. When we look at a printed book cover, we see it with reflected light, and it is printed in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create all the colors). Therefore, we always recommend that our authors get a test book printed.  

RPG is for ebooks and audiobooks. CYMK is for your printed books.

Q. I found another cover that uses the same image as one on the cover that I purchased. Why? I thought all of your covers are one-of-a-kind.

All my covers are one-of-a-kind because I created them using different images to create something new. Graphic designers purchase stock photos to create book covers with, and these stock images are available for any artist to buy.

Q. I see that I need to buy an extended license if I sell over 250,000 ebooks/print books. Why?

The extended license is a requirement from stock photo sites. The fees start at $80 per photo used. Since some of my covers I create use two or more photo stock images, it could be $160 or higher depending on how many images were used. Once an extended license is paid for, it is good forever.

Q. What is your policy on using stock images?

It is important always to follow stock image licensing agreements. At Mystical Night Media, LLC, my covers use a minimum of two images or more when using stock photos. I work with and manipulate them to create completely one-of-kind, customized pre-made covers sold once to an author and never sold again. You will not find a replica cover on my site because each image’s main visual is altered and customized for that specific book cover. Mystical Night Media, LLC, ensures that every cover I created using either legally purchased images or public domain meets our stringent requirements or exclusive illustrations, photography, original art, and/or the images I created myself.

Q. I work with Photoshop- can I change the art on the cover that I buy and the typography?

The cover is yours, and you can do what you want with it, like creating bookmarks, in ads, make a trade booth, giant posters, postcards, put it on business cards- you name it. The cover is yours. However, the individual images used to create your cover are copyrighted by the photographers from the stock houses. They have strict rules about the use of their images and who uses the images. I bought the rights from the stock houses to use and manipulate those images. Those rights are non-transferable. Bottom line, I have the right (through the licensing agreement when I purchased the photos to design your cover) to use/manipulate the images for your cover. Not you or a third party. 

Q. Will you help me promote my book with your cover?

Yes, I can. When you post on Twitter or any other social media site that Mystical Night Media, LLC is on, you can tag me. You can also tag my other name, T.L. Hicks. I will retweet your posts.

Q. Should I give credit? If so, how should an Author credit the Artist/Editor on the book’s front pages?

You must give credit.

You can say,

Q What payment methods do you accept?

I accept PayPal.

Q. What is your returns/refund policy?

No returns or refunds on any services Mystical Night Media, LLC offers.

Q. Who edits my manuscript?

I, T.L. Hicks, edit your manuscript.

Q. What training have you received for your editing services?

I have an AA in Communications.
BA in English and Creative Writing focusing on fiction and screenwriting.
MA in English and Creative Writing focusing on fiction writing.
MFA in Creative Writing and Professional Writing.

I edit, write, and train new writers at Coffee House Writers.

Q. What are your working hours?

Whenever I am awake and not being bugged by hubby and the three cats.

Q. Do you accept PDF documents for editing?

No, Microsoft Word only.

Q. How do you send the documents back?

I will send the manuscript or chapter to you via email.

Q. Do you edit the complete manuscript at once?

If you have a short story, yes, I will edit it as a whole.
If you have a complete novel, I will edit a chapter at a time.

Q. Is my submission confidential?

Yes, your submission is between you and me only.

Q. How long does it take to receive a response?

It depends on when you sent the message. Give me 24-72 hours to respond to you.

Q. When will I get my manuscript back?

It depends on how we will edit it.

  • Short story – 24-48 hours.
  • Novels – 24-48 hours per chapter.
  • Novels – 2 to 4 weeks.
Q. Is the word count the number of total words or just the words edited?

The word count is the total words in the manuscript.

Q. Will you work on my book in exchange for a percentage of profits?

No. The term for that is “on spec” (speculation). It is asking the editor to work for free. There’s no guarantee that a book will see a profit (or even be published).

Q. What genres do you edit?

I edit,

  • Online content similar to Coffee House Writers
  • YA fiction — All genres
  • NA fiction — All genres
  • Adult fiction — All genres