Can I get a back and spine for my cover so it can be used in print?

When you order, you pay for both the e-book and the print version.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept PayPal only.

What is your returns/refund policy?

No refunds are given.

There was a book cover I wanted, but when I went to purchase it, it was gone or had a sold sign.

All book covers are exclusive and are sold once on a first-come first-served basis.

How long will it take for my cover to be delivered?

All covers are delivered by email. Expect me to reach out to you in 24-72 hours to confirm before I create your cover. If I haven’t reached out after this time, please email me at tracie.hicks [at] hotmail [dot] com or mysticalnightmedia [at] gmail [dot] com and I will look into it. Be sure to check your spam folder first, as emails from me are known to end up there.

Do you offer instant downloads of your e-book covers?

No, because I must edit the generic text before sending it out. Once I have the information for both the e-book and print edition, give me 24-72 hours to create the covers. I will send them to you via email.

Can you add the text for my cover design?

Yes, I can add the text to your cover. If possible, leave a note in PayPal. If not, when I reach out to you, you can tell me then.

Are your book covers exclusive?

All my book covers are 100% exclusive and only sold once. There is a catch, I use stock photography and I cannot guarantee the image[s] on your cover are not used elsewhere. There are covers that I created without stock images.

How do you design the print version of the cover?

Before I send out the final product (both e-book and print), please let me know the:

  • Title of Book, so I know which book we’re talking about that I’ve already designed for you as an ebook.
  • Book Size in inches as per the options on Amazon KDP. If you’ve not already formatted your book, use 6″ x 9″, because that’s the aspect ratio the e-book is in.
  • Number of Pages of the final formatted work. PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve not yet formatted your book, please don’t send the info until you do. I can’t start the print version without it. If the page numbers are changed after you sent me the original, please let me know ASAP because I will need to start again and you will be charged a $10.00 fee! So, please, format your book first.
  • Wording on the back. This is whatever you want, people usually put a blurb text. PLEASE NOTE: The more text you put on there the smaller it’s will be. Around 100-200 words is good. 300-400 words is excessive. As with the number of pages, make sure this is your final version, please check and proof read it. Any changes made afterwards will be $10.00.
  • Cream, Color, or White Pages on the inside, as this makes a difference in the spine width. For IngramSpark: Put your details in their online template generator and then email me the PDF. With Amazon, put your details in their online template and email me the PDF.

What are your cover dimensions?

6″ x 9″ with 300 DPI
Print Covers are sent in PDF form.
E-books are sent in JPG form.

Terms and Conditions.

  • By purchasing, you agree to my terms and conditions.
  • Copyright of the original photo manipulation art still belongs to me.
  • Digital License for unlimited use. 
  • The Client acknowledges that the Standard License under which the images are bought, allows the Client to create whatever digital promotional items he/she needs with the artwork I provided. Except for items such as mugs, T-Shirts, and etc.
  • The stock image licensing terms differ, but those I use allow the use of each image up to 250,000 or 500,000 printed copies.
  • The client must credit me (T.L. Hicks) the Cover Designer inside your book.
  • I am allowed to display the finished work as part of my portfolio. Please send a link to your book on your selling platform.
  • Refunds are not accepted.
  • There is no third-party selling. No-reselling of the cover design.
  • For pre-made covers, advance payment is required.